Monday, 4 April 2011

love beginning are usually scary and ending are usually sad,but its everything in between that make it all worth living..Want love? Don't be SO into you that you don't leave room for someone else.

Love is a very tricky and touchy thing. Sometimes love can be wonderful and a great emotion to experience. Other times, love just plain old hurts. Many people believe that if love hurts, then it is truely not love. Without the hurt, how can one be open to the other great things that love can bring? When you are with someone who you love, you truely and deeply love, and you don't experience any bad, how can you truely understand and appreciate all the good in a relationship.
When you hear those words "I love you" for the first time, some people get the butterflies in the stomach feeling and have no idea what to do. It's like all time stopped and for that one moment it is just you and that person. Nothing in the rest of the world matters at that one moment and you feel completely lost in that person.
When love hurts, your world begins to shatter in a million peices. You break down and feel as if nothing in the world has ever been as bad as this. Your heart actually begins to ache. Your head gets all cloudy and you think "Why was I so careless with my heart"?
If you never open up and let someone in, you will never experience what love truely has to offer. Love offers safety, security, comfort in times of need, a shoulder to cry on, someone to hold you. Even if love has hurt you, it is not worth completely writing it off. Hearts can be mended. Trust can be rebuilt. But if you don't give love another chance, How will you ever know if love could have succeded? Try and experience the joys and sorrows of what love has to offer. If it is truely ment to be, things have their way of working out for the best.

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